Every tankless water heater is prone to issues, even though they’re convenient and advanced. The reason for this is that they still experience wear and tear. Throughout their lifespan, no appliance is without the risk of malfunctions.  

Tankless water heaters provide the possibility to save money, space-saving in your home, and great energy efficiency. However, these advantages can be weakened by particular problems. Thus, before you proceed with your tankless water heater installation Providence RIit is vital to know what common issues are and how to resolve or prevent them. 

Ignition or Flame Failure 

There’s a possibility it’s due to a gas line problem or electrical problem if the flame fails to ignite or hold. Either way, your heater won’t be able to heat the water. Examine first to see if the gas supply has been cut off or if your propane tank is low.  

Next, see that the gas and water valves are completely open if your gas supply is good. If they are not, open them. If this does not help, you need to hire a professional to have your unit inspected for issues.  

Sediment or Mineral Buildup 

The pipes and water heater can be prone to becoming fully or partially blocked because of an accumulation of sediment or mineral. Systems with iron components and pipes can rust and result in iron sediment accumulating throughout. On the other hand, houses with hard water can see minerals such as magnesium and calcium. This leads to an accumulation of scale.  

These sediments and minerals can become clogged over time. This results in slowly growing accumulation that narrows down the passage of the water. This can have an impact on the temperature and pressure of the water.  

You will have to contact an expert to flush your unit if you’re suffering problems related to accumulation. This needs to be part of your routine yearly maintenance. This will help you prevent more damaging problems down the line.  

Cold Water Sandwich Effect 

You might not be familiar with this term. However, you’ll probably be familiar with the effect if you live in a house where back-to-back showers happen more often.  

A cold water sandwich is when an individual finishes showering and another individual gets in immediately. The water starts off hot. However, it will turn cold soon for a couple of seconds then heat up again. 

This occurs since the water isn’t heated anymore when the shower is turned off. However, there’s still some hot water left in the system. This hot water will come out first, then the cold water follows. The water heater unit will have to work to heat back the water to a normal temperature. Thus, it should not be cold for longer periods.  

Since it’s part of the design, this effect is not so much of a problem. Though tankless water heaters are known for fast heat times, the truth is that hot water can’t be stored. This makes it impossible for the unit to guarantee hot water right away after it has been turned off and on again.